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Every child learns at their own pace. Most children will reach speech, language and communication milestones in their own time. However knowing roughly what to expect and when can be helpful. It can often reassure us our child is on track. It can also help parents and carers know. and confidence in speech and communication. Uninterrupted time spent being with and talking to your child. in the way of their communication skill development. If You Are Worried Who can Help? You can contact

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Before children learn to talk they need to develop their early communication skills. for developing understanding and communication. A lot of important communication skills develop. adults. Children communicate more when adults respond to their communication attempts, however. be an opportunity for talking and playing with them. This will help them to learn about communication and start building those communication skills. Choose a topic below Attention & Listening Turn

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Communication is so much more than just talking, developing good early interaction skills form the foundations of language. Children also need reasons to communicate and opportunities to do so.  In addition to the ideas on the early communication, your child may also benefit from some more specific early communication and interaction approaches to reach their potential with communicating. Choose a topic below Intensive Interaction Objects Of Reference Attention Autism Choice Making

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Please ensure you have the evidence of an identified and persistent speech language and communication need, as you will need to refer to this and submit it with the referral form. Information on types of evidence to submit Completing a Referral You will also need the following information in order to complete the referral; Child’s full name, date of birth and home address Child’s GP name and address Parent/carer names Parental consent to refer (verbal with date and who consent

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. Visual Communication We use icons, images, videos, animations and colour coding on our website to help

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and developing healthy communication skills. Find out moreWho can Help? You can also contact a member

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of the appointment. If your child/young person requires any communication aids or a visual timetable

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relationships are a lack of time and tiredness. This leads to mix-ups and poor communication. Giving some.. Tiredness Communication Being able to talk about your feelings and listen to the feelings of your. we are tired and stressed by day to day life. Read more about communication in relationships Communication Parental Conflict Whilst every relationship goes through difficult times, if children

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with conflict in their own lives. Healthy Communication When you and your partner begin to learn. is if it is too unsafe for them to do so. Healthy Communication When parents can communicate with one another. and seek support from your family network.  Improve communication with your co-parent Good communication., to support with handovers of your child. Set rules and boundaries around communication to limit