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find it hard to find the words to tell us how they are feeling. Instead they show their feelings

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When children and young people can recognise and talk about different feelings it can help them. feelings and think together about how to cope with difficult emotions in a positive way.A Story About Emotions  The Colour Monster --> Emotion & Feelings Wheel Activity A visual aid to help understand our emotions. Anxiety Thermometer A great tool to help us to recognise what feelings we might. their feelings and also identify why they are feeling a particular way.Relax Like a Cat! A relaxation

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Lots of young children will still struggle with their feelings at times. It may be when. with you, and their toys, will give them a chance to act out different feelings. When you talk with your child, use words to describe the feelings you see in them and others; cross, worried, happy. to handle their emotions in a safe and healthy way. Help your child understand that all feelings. their feelings well! Think about; What helped them cope? How did their good behaviour make others feel? How

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Having a baby can be an exciting time, but you might have mixed feelings as you find out and get used to the idea. Maybe you have always wanted to be a parent. Maybe this pregnancy has come. of thoughts and feelings on the journey to being a parent.  You will hear a lot from friends., safe and cared for. If your worries and feelings start to make every day a struggle, and feel too much. thoughts and feelings. They can help think of ways to make it feel better for you. What Kind

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. Talk to your child about trusting their feelings; They should get away from people who make them

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is really in them. Read more about the effects of drugs The Effects Of Drugs Your Feelings You may. or anxious. Find out more about Children and Young People's Emotional Health Your Feelings Talking

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of managing stress or difficult emotions. Try and show your child positive ways to manage feelings

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number. Keep raising the subject calmly – allow your child to talk about their feelings. Let them

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or manage feelings, especially anger. They act out their feelings without using any self-control. Hasn’t

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Some children will eat anything; trying new foods and liking most things. Other children find this harder, sometimes struggling with different tastes and textures and limiting themselves to a few types of food. Some children’s eating is affected by their emotions and helping them find ways to cope with difficult feelings and experiences is the key to improving their diet. We know it is important that children have a varied and balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables